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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Luxurious Hotels & Resorts Away From Home

Phuket Hotel Resort - A Home Away From Home

While holidaying in the exotic Phuket Island, a perfect Phuket hotel resort can make all the difference to the experience. There are resorts available in all price ranges to fit every traveler's budget.

Phuket Island of Thailand needs no introduction to international tourists. It has earned a special place in the world tourist map with its pristine sandy beaches, aquamarine sea, lush green landscape, splendid golf courses, excellent hospitality and world-class resorts.

While a few world tourist spots have comparable attributes and facilities, the one aspect that sets a Phuket hotel resort apart is its impeccable hospitality. The resort managements are willing to travel the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of their guests. Not only are the guests pampered silly by the hotel staff, many of them even help their guests with travel planning and transportation.

Most of the Phuket hotel resorts are located in city centers or beaches for the convenience of tourists. It is important for the tourists to stay close to their planned activity to make the most of their Phuket vacation.

Many of the luxury resorts have exclusive access to beaches. These resorts have rooms that open right into the beach and provide complete privacy for their guests. Even the 5-star hotels come in range of 5,000-7,000 THB per night, which is not high according to international standards.

Budget travelers need not feel left out. Phuket has numerous beaches open to public. These are dotted with affordable Phuket hotel resorts and bungalows in medium to low price ranges. The rates are anywhere from 1,500 THB to as low as 500 THB.

Some of the most frequented beaches of Phuket are Patong, Karon, Kata and Nai Yang. Promthep Cape Beach offers the most wonderful sunset views. Phuket is not only beaches, sun and sand. It has some beautiful Buddhist temples, such as Wat Chalong.

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