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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hotel Reservations Tips

Top 7 Tips When Making Hotel Reservations

So you are planning to reserve a hotel for your leisure or business trip? Well, here are useful tips on how to do it right and avoid frustrations or inconveniences during your travel. Some things may seem very trivial to during your bookings, but may break your holiday or business plans.

1. When booking, consider calling the hotel directly for personal attention. This allows you to ask questions about discount rates, services and much more. You can also know about the specifics of the hotel and also to get important brief on your destination.

2. Indicate the number of adults and children in each room. Usually, when third parties make reservations, they do not take into account the companions you have.

3. Ask for prices and taxes before you confirm your hotel bookings. Paying in advance guaranteed to get your rooms reserved. But enquiring about prices in different seasons may save you great deal of cash, and probably ensure more comfort. You also don't want a situation where you don't have enough money in your credit card- this may lead to cancellation of your reservation.

4. Confirm the date of arrival and departure. Make sure your hotel get your day of your arrival and departure right. You don't want a scenario where you get to your destination, only to realize you got no accommodation. This is especially so in high travel seasons, such as Christmas and New Year period.

5. Remember to request a confirmation number for each room reserved. This will make it very easy during your arrival.

6. When reserving more than one hotel rooms, name the specific people occupying each room.

7. Ask for information on the time of entry and departure. If you need to get to you hotel earlier for personal reasons, it helps to familiarize yourself with hotel policies. It might help to be allowed to request an extension of departure time, or may request a half-day rate if you need some extra time.



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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Quality Hotels at an Affordable Price

Pune Hotels - Find Quality Hotels at an Affordable Price

The history of Pune dates back to more than 1600 years. The city is located at the convergence of the two great rivers - Mutha and Mula. It boasts of its past due to its rich history of various well-known dynasties. These empires made several monuments and temples to maintain their legacy. The relics of these still attracts many visitors to this city. You do not need to worry about accommodation when you visit this place since there is an array of hotels available here.

Find out some of the 3 star hotels in Pune as given below:

The President Hotel

The hotel is located in the prime housing vicinity of Prabhat Road near Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. The market is also situated nearby. Most of the tourist attractions of Pune like Saeas Baug, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune University, Koregaon Park, Shaniwar Wada, Bund Garden, Raj Bhawan, and Osho Commune International are located within few kilometers of the hotel.

The hotel offers rich d├ęcor and pleasant natural ambiance making the stay comfortable. Forty-three well-designed rooms and suites are available in the hotel with all the modern amenities and facilities. These include banquet, medical facilities, Internet connection, secretarial assistance, tea/coffee maker and laundry facility. The hotel has a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar.

Hotel Woodland

The hotel is located near the railway station and bus stand. It is located nearby most of the major shopping centers and business houses. Most of the tourist attractions are also located in close proximity, such as Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwar Wada, and Koregaon Part. The hotel is ideal for both leisure and business travelers.

There are 100 centrally air-conditioned rooms in different categories. The hotel offers all the modern facilities and amenities to its guests. These include bar facility, currency exchange, car rental service, conference facilities, banquet hall, Internet connection, medical facilities, etc. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant in the hotel.

Hotel Ashirwad

This is one of the few Pune hotels, which are located in the heart of the city. This is a highly sought after hotel due to its position in a calm and quite area. In this hotel, you would find 45 elegantly designed rooms in different categories with all the modern amenities and facilities. These include medical facilities, banquet, Internet connection, convention center, bar service and TV. There is an open-air restaurant and a vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant in the hotel. Various tourist attractions are located nearby to the hotel.

To get high quality services and facilities at affordable price, you must visit any of these 3 star hotels.



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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Best Hotels in Mumbai

Best Hotels in Mumbai

Wanted to know about Hotels of Mumbai. Certainly, we Hotels Angel will let you know each and every famous Hotel of Mumbai but prior to that allow us to tell you everyting about Mumbai in detail. Knowing this for sure, your respect towards Mumbai will increase and will accelrate your plans to visit this City.
This city was formall ycalled as Bombay. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. This city is considered to be the second most populous city in the World. This city has got 14 million population. Mumbai is not only the richest city in India but also in the year 2009 it was name as Alpha World City.

History of Mumbai :

Earlier Bombay was considered to be a home communities of Fishing Colonies. Before coming in to the hands of British East India Companies Bombay was under the control of Portuguese and Indigenous Empires. Indigeneous Empires were considered to be the succesive controlers of Bombay who has controled it for years and years.

Hotels in Mumbai :

There are five International Hotels which are very famous in Mumbai. They are listed below.

Centaur Hotel Juhu Beach – 5 Star.

The Taj Mahal Hotel - 5 Star.

The Oberoi – 5 star.

Kohinoor Continental – 4 star

Shahlimar Hotel – 4 star.

Hotels Angel recommends you to visit any of the above international hotel to feel the touch of luxuriousness.

Hotels Angel wishes you all the best for your Journey to Delhi and would like to thank you in advance for booking a hotel from us. Please be certified that you have chosen the best site to book the hotel. We are known to be the best hotel booking website associated with top and best quality Hotels of Delhi.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Comfortable Luxury Hotels

Flagstaff Hotels - Different Luxury Hotels for the Comfort of Visitors

There are many places in the world where you can spend your winter time. The best destination out of all these destinations is Northern Arizona. The city of Flagstaff is popular because of its beauty, hotels, restaurants and colorful months of winter.

Flagstaff hotels provide great relief and comfort to the visitors. The winter season is too cold in flagstaff, and it is very important for the visitors to bring warm dresses, shoes and gloves, so that they can withstand in the cold winter. The elevation of flagstaff is 7000 feet, so weathers are expected to be colder than the expected value. The hotels at flagstaff are made to keep you comfortable during your visit to flagstaff. There are many cafes and restaurants where you can stay for dinner and lunch.

The beautiful city of flagstaff is an important hub for the people who like tourism. The reason of its popularity is historical places and ventures. There are superstars drawn to the city, which increases the beauty of the city. The hotels of flagstaff are used by the superstars of Hollywood, but the most popular hotel in flagstaff is Hotel Monte Vista. The other popular hotels are Little America hotel, Old town Creperie hotel, Fairfield Inn, etc.

Monte vista hotel was built in 1926, and has become the popular place for the travelers to stay during the cold weather of flagstaff. It is located one block north of famous route 66. The staff of the hotel is committed to provide efficient services to the superstars, bank staff and other visitors who like to stay here. It has been a place that is being liked by every visitor because of its beautiful shops, restaurant service and a beautiful Lounge that plays live music on every weekend.

Old town Creperie hotel is the most popular one for Bigfoot BBQ with a glass of wine. When you drink wine with sandwich, you will surely feel warmth, and this is the time for you to start enjoying your journey.

The Little America hotel is another most beautiful hotel in the state of Arizona. It makes your days and nights warm, and are a perfect destination for passing your time. It is located on the overall area of 500 acres below the peaks of mountains that are fully covered with ice and snow.

This location of the hotel generates a scenic beauty for the visitors. It is just 4-miles from downtown area of flagstaff. The number of rooms in the hotel is 240, and all of them are fully furnished rooms. There is front-desk available that are for customer help, hot water swimming rooms for the visitors to stay calm, playground for the children, volleyball court for the lovers of volleyball and many other facilities that will make your journey a perfect one, and you will surely like to come back to this location again the future.

All these hotels in flagstaff are excellent places to spend your time. Most of the hotels are kids-friendly. You can visit the websites of these hotels to find more about them. But, the thing of interest is, you will enjoy your visit to flagstaff and makes it possible for you to enjoy stress free holidays.



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Monday, 13 August 2012

Luxury Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships - A Luxury City Floating On Water

If you are looking for a vacation like no other, then you definitely will want to consider taking a cruise. The choices are endless. You can choose a shorter cruise, such as a three day cruise or if you like you can choose a much longer cruise consisting of ten or more days. Cruise ships offer all inclusive, luxury vacations that are sure to please people of all ages.

In fact the fact that they are all inclusive is one of the most appealing features of a cruise. You simply pay one price and everything else is included.

However, if you choose to do an excursion while on land, you will need to pay an additional charge. The only other thing you will probably have to pay for is any alcohol should you want to drink. But your meals, rooms and Broadway style shows are all included in the price you pay upfront. Guests like knowing that if they don't want to spend another penny once onboard, they don't have to.

Once you step onto a cruise, you will quickly realize just how spectacular this vacation really is. You will be surrounded by scenery that you will not find anywhere else. Each ship caters to specific needs. There are some cruise lines that cater more to the younger crowds or families with young kids. On the flipside, there are cruise lines that cater more to the refined crowd who are looking for a peaceful getaway.

Some of the larger cruises offer several different pools for you to sit back and relax in. They also offer rock wall climbing, ice skating, shuffleboard and much more. The ships also generally include spectacular shows and first class dining. On most ships you will find a health spa where you can book a relaxing massage or plan to have your hair done for that special formal dinner. You can find something to eat just about 24 hours a day.

If you are traveling with kids, amenities that fit their needs are very important. Some cruise lines will offer camps that the kids can attend. The camps are run by trained counselors. If you are traveling with infants, there are often babysitting services or nurseries where the young children can be placed so that Mom and Dad can have some adult time. Often there are events for teens also. Many of the ships will have hip teen clubs where the teenagers can get a break from their parents, while hanging out with friends.

The onboard cabins range greatly in size. The smaller your room, the less expensive it will be. Also, if you are looking to save money while cruising, you may want to consider booking and interior room. However, if you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, consider booking a room with a balcony that has breathtaking views.

Cruise ships are very popular amongst people of all ages. The ships cater to the needs of everyone on the ship. So no matter what type of vacation you are looking for, whether it is an adventurous vacation or one that is calm and relaxing, you are sure to find it amongst one of the many cruise lines.



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Sunday, 12 August 2012

hotel and restaurant

A Hotel And Restaurant Management Career Might Be For You

A career in hotel and restaurant management might be for you if you like to make important decisions, hire staff and run the day to the day operations of your business. It might sound like fun stuff but it is hard work. As a manager, you will be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. All responsibility will fall on you. The perks of being in hotel and restaurant management business, however, can be great.

As a manager, you are responsible for everything that goes on in your hotel or restaurant. You need to have food orders in on time, make sure guests are accommodated for and ensure that your staff respects and listens to you. You must be a great communicator and leader to succeed in hotel and restaurant management.

Whether it is a high profile hotel, a glamorous restaurant or a small deli, a manager must indulge himself in the business. If one thing goes wrong it falls on the manager's shoulders. The service industry is the biggest industry in the United States today. It garners more attention and customers than any other business in the country. Don't expect this trend to stop.

Small businesses are currently thriving in the U.S. More and more of these offices are popping up everywhere. Combine that with the stature of the service industry and a small hotel or restaurant can prove to be quite profitable. Being involved in hotel and restaurant management is becoming a common experience for many people today. People with little to no experience are getting into the business. But those who do the best have a degree specializing in management.

It's a great time to become restaurant manager. The U.S. Department of Labor cites the field of restaurant management as an emerging industry, and predicts it will continue to do so. As a restaurant manager, you are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. Not only must you have a love of food, you must also have a background in management.

A restaurant manager needs to ensure food deliveries. Manage personnel, and enhance the customer experience. But of course that's also part of the reward - you get to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that a successful restaurant was the result of your service skills. And not only will you have to fare well with your customers, you'll have to fare well with your staff. Managers must communicate well with the employees, motivate the staff, and lead by example.

In restaurants that change their menu items, manager often select new dishes. They consider what items have been popular in the past, and what foods on hand must be used. Then they analyze recipes to decide costs for food and labor. Based on this analysis, they assign menu prices.

Managers are often responsible for recruiting and hiring new kitchen and serving staff. They organize and direct worker training programs. In addition, they schedule staff work hours and assign duties. They may also evaluate employee performance.

Large restaurants often have bookkeepers. However, managers of small facilities often have administrative duties. For example, they keep records of employee hours and wages. They prepare payroll and tax report paperwork. They keep records of purchases and pay suppliers. They also evaluate the success of new dishes and remove them from the menu if they are not profitable. Some managers use computer software to help them with these record-keeping duties.

Almost three-fourths of all food service managers were previously restaurant managers, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most restaurant management professionals receive a two- or four-year degree in restaurant or food service management.

Nine out of ten restaurant operators raise money for charities, or donate food or space.

Restaurants fight hunger, support health-related causes, mentor youth, and improve their communities. If you're just starting out or your restaurant wants to increase its philanthropic efforts, you may donate money to support a children's hospital, United Way, local non-profit, museum, library, school, zoo, military support group or homeless shelter.

High standards need to be maintained, and health and hygiene safety regulations need to be met at all times. This includes the quality of raw ingredients and prepared food, food storage, and customer service. The maintenance of equipment, stock and the budget is also controlled by the restaurant/catering manager.

Many independent hotels, and most hotel chains, run management trainee schemes that can lead into restaurant or catering management. Fast-food chains, catering companies and large restaurants are also likely to run restaurant management trainee schemes. Some employers may take on candidates with A levels, BTEC National awards, or Scottish Highers. However, it is more usual for entry requirements to include a foundation degree, BTEC HNC/HND, or degree. Relevant subjects you can study at this level include hospitality management with business, culinary arts or marketing, and international hotel and restaurant management.

An Access to Higher Education qualification may also be accepted for entry to certain courses. If experienced in a related field, you may be able to gain recognition of skills through Accredited Prior Learning (APL). Please check with colleges or universities for exact entry requirements.

There is no maximum age limit to become a restaurant or catering manager.

Training is usually provided on the job. In addition, you can work towards a qualification such as an NVQ/SVQ Level 3 or BTEC National Certificate in Hospitality Supervision.

If you are a graduate with a degree not related to hospitality, you can take a one year BA (Hons) conversion degree course in Hotel and Catering Management, or Hospitality Management.

Restaurant or catering managers can take a number of routes into different careers. Hotel management is an option. In a large chain of hotels or restaurants, it may be possible to progress to regional or area management.



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Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels on the Rise

Traveling has always been one of the most important parts of our lives and keeping this in mind the hotel industry has changed the whole concept of hotels very rapidly in the past few years. Now hotels are no longer a place where one goes because he has no immediate accommodation in that city but these hotels have become more than just a place to stay. These hotels now provide many other integrated services and luxuries like restaurants, swimming pools, gymnasiums, spas and many others.

In the last one decade the rise of boutique hotels has made a huge impression on the hotel industry and is still making it. These boutique hotels are now operating in every major or small city whether it is New York, London, San Francisco and or any part of the world. This concept of boutique hotels basically existed from 1980s. Initially, these boutique hotels were also known as "designer" or "lifestyle" hotels.

Morgan hotel of New York was the first to get this label of "boutique hotel". Now days, everyone is trying to call their hotel a boutique hotel but generally, a boutique hotel is one which is comparatively smaller, and constructed with the purpose of serving their personal customers rather than others. The definition of boutique hotel as per most of the travel and tour agents and websites of this type is, it is a hotel which do not have more than 50 rooms and the aim of this hotel is to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The blast in the numbers of boutique hotels has brought confusion as more and more internal hotel owners are opening their own chain of boutique hotels. Most famous are Starwood and resorts hotels.

After the huge popularity of New York's Morgan hotel, many boutique hotels have come into existence all across the world especially in the cities that are hotspots in terms of tourism or around them. Let's take London as an example. Till some time back, it was very hard to find one boutique hotel there but now boutique hotels are seen in every second street and what's more, bigger hotels are also converting themselves into a boutique hotel. These big boutique hotels are gaining more popularity there as the rents are high and small boutique hotels are not workable often. In last five years or so, many boutique hotels have gained huge popularity in London and some of them are Guest houses in Notting Hill, Baglioni Hotel and the Soho Hotel in Soho.

In our second example, Paris, every type of boutique hotel can promise you a big success. Probably, this is the reason why there is a huge variety and quantity of boutique hotels to choose from. One of the Paris's oldest boutique hotels is called Montalembert and it is situated on the left bank. The hotels that have been inducted as boutique hotel very recently are Hotel De Sers situated at Avenue Pierre and Hotel Sezz located very near to Eiffel Tower.

The interesting fact about boutique hotels is that the boutique hotels of North America are slightly bigger than the boutique hotels all around the world and this is because of the fact that rents are higher there. But still the boutique hotels are very famous in America.

It is estimated that as the tourism sector will grow the hotel industry especially the boutique hotel industry will also grow and also the fact that the big hoteliers have initiated their expression of interest in boutique hotels, will help this industry flourish for many years to come.



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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Luxury Beach Hotels In INDIA

Best of Beach Hotels in India: For Complete Rejuvenation

Where symphony of Nature creates a magical aura, where orange gleams of sun touches the azure waters is where some of the best beach hotels in India are located. India is a country blessed with a long coastline with which it has been granted numerous peaceful beaches where one can relax and rejuvenate and have a gala time.

To enjoy living on the beach then make your pick from luxury category beach India hotels. These are opulent establishments laced with all the comforts of the modern day world and also offer international standards of hospitality to its guests. Finding luxury hotels set on the beaches is easy in all parts of the country however the favorites of most are Goa and Kerala. Before you make your mind for a luxury property that overlooks the sea have a look at the below mentioned 5 star properties:

Alila Diwa Goa: Alila Diwa Goa is a refreshing establishment standing at Majorda Beach in state of Goa. Best described as a sanctuary of contemporary elegance and traditional design, the property is largely inspired by jubilant Goan carnival spirit. An enclave of exclusive luxuries, the hotel is designed to perfection and offers its own lap pool with open air Jacuzzi and hot tub at its Diwa Wing. At Bistro restaurant delicious cuisines are given new flavors to delight the guests with innovative delicacies.

Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort: One of the best of beach India hotels, Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort is tastefully designed to pamper the guests with international standards of hospitality. Perfectly reflecting the resort's charm the guestrooms are treasure trove of comfort, serenity and opulence which you can experience in every inch of your room. These are available in categories of sea-facing, pool facing and river-facing with a private verandah that lets you enjoy natural daylight and soothing breeze.

The Leela Kempinski, Kerala: Situated at a short proximity from Trivandrum International Airport, the Leela Kempinski in Kerala is a fabulous settlement ideal for one's beach holiday. The resort cradles between two sweeping beaches and is a 5 star deluxe resort offering most panoramic views of Kovalam beach. You will be spoilt for choice at the host of impeccable dining and entertainment options and enjoy various wellness programs at an authentic Ayurveda Spa. The Club here offers an exclusive, awe inspiring sea view and guests can enjoy in-room services and amenities like a minibar, writing desk overlooking the sea, butler services and more.

Most of these 5 star beach hotels in India known for their fabulous location overlooking the sea and they provide an experience of a lifetime with their exclusive services, innovative measures of hospitality and wide range of state-of-the-art amenities.

These properties also have a lot more to them than just modern amenities; when it comes to pampering the guests they lead them to finest of in-house Spas, to treat their craving for food they unfold a wealth of amazing fine dining options and for recreation and business purposes the amenities are vast in numbers.

Vandana is a traveler who likes to share her experiences. All the articles published by her will help you understand India better and answer all your hotels queries regarding Beach hotels in India, Jaipur Hotels, Goa Hotels, Kovalam Hotels, Mumbai Hotels etc. Find tourist info on travel destination, Holiday Packages, India Tour and much more.



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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Specialty Restaurants

Fine Dining with Specialty Foods

One of the most exciting types of restaurants in the Los Angeles area is one that fuses together the flavors of two different food types. Fusion or specialty restaurants will give you a whole new taste sensation in some foods that you know and love. It's a wonderful way to explore food and all of the variations of taste that are possible with foods that have never been joined together.

There are some amazing chefs in these Los Angeles specialty restaurants that have taken some chances and bold steps with their menus. Specialty foods are an art form for many of these world class chefs. The bravery of these chefs to try foods that may not sound as appealing to everyone is what brings these wonderful dishes to us. Once the food is sampled, it becomes clear that the pairing of different flavors together was a successful taste fusion.

Typically these types of specialty restaurants in Los Angeles become very popular and trendy. Food lovers are always on the lookout for something new to try and these fusion restaurants offer something different for the taste buds. Take a look at the menus of some of the trendier places in town and you are likely to see some great specialty foods.

Take a break from the foods that you usually enjoy and try a new fusion dish that you might not have ever tried before. The specialty foods in these restaurants are something that you might discover that you enjoy a great deal.

Even if you don't go out to dinner very often, you can plan for a night out once a month to try something outside of your comfort zone. Perhaps you can try a cuisine that you have never had before or you can try food that you enjoy in a new restaurant. It's a fun way to get to know the local hotspots in the Los Angeles area. Look for those little places that aren't getting as much attention yet and you might just discover the next big food sensation in Los Angeles.

Enjoying the culture and various foods that are right in your own backyard is something that makes Los Angeles such a world class city. There is almost no food type that is not represented in this area. Take advantage of the wonderfully diverse culture that exists in the Los Angeles area. If you plan to be visiting the area for business or pleasure, take a look at some of the restaurants that are located near where you will be staying to try a whole new taste sensation.

Those who are visiting Los Angeles from other parts of the country understand that the food choices are so much broader than they are in their own home town. Many people enjoy the varied restaurants while they are in Los Angeles as an important part of their vacation or holiday. Make sure that you add some specialty or fusion restaurants to your agenda the next time you are in the Los Angeles area. And if you live there, get out and explore the wonderful bounty around you.

Francesca Romano has owned and operated several Italian restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles area. She is currently working with, California's premier source of information, developing their restaurant section.



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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hotel Management

Prospects Of Jobs In Hotel And Hospitality Management

The world has become a global village; this means that more and more people travel from one part of the world to another for various reasons. Some people travel for work, some to attend important family matters and some for vacations. No matter what the reason is, majority of the people need a place to stay. This includes hotels, motels and inns. Now it's a basic human instinct that he or she would prefer to go to that place which is welcoming and in case of hotels this feeling of warmth is determined by the reception area and how the hotel staff treats you.

Requirements Of Management Jobs

As there are many opportunities in this industry, the requirements for the job of a manager may vary from post to post and also from area to area. For example, a manager in a small hotel might only require a diploma in the hotel management whereas if you are looking for a job in a good casino or a renowned hotel chain, then you should have at least a bachelor's degree in that respected field along with work experience. These days, there is an opportunity in contract catering jobs, as majority of the hotel owners have come to realize that catering is an important aspect when it comes to the promotion of the hotel.

Due to this the industry of hospitality management and hotel management has expanded and there are many opportunities in this field of business. There are various kinds of hotel jobs. The responsibility also varies from post to post in hospitality management. The greater the responsibility, the greater will be the stress and workload. A good and successful lodging manager needs to know almost everything about the management of hotel. To some extent the responsibilities of a hotel manager and hospitality manager are similar as both have the job to maintain the standards of the business and improve them whenever possible.

Responsibilities of Hospitality Manager

Basically a hotel manager or a hospitality manager is responsible to manage the hotel for its day to day businesses. In case of a huge hotel, a hospitality manager might employ assistant managers to help him in his work. In this case, the hotel manager will take the report from other assistant managers and will help them out in their problems. In short, the manager would have to guide and instruct his or her assistant managers to perform their duties and improve the hotel's image in any way they can.

Apart from this, in some cases the responsibility and importance of a hotel manager is to such an extreme that the profits of the hotel are entirely dependent on their skills and management. Besides this some of the other responsibilities of hotel managers are listed below.

  • Managing and taking care of hotel services like reception, customer care and accommodation.
  • Helping the finance department in preparing the annual or monthly budget. In some cases, the hotel manager plays a direct role in finance management of the hotel.
  • Drafting out the schedules of his or her team.
  • Monitoring the hotel staff especially the department of accommodation, catering and customer care to make sure the rules of the hotel are being followed.
  • Resolving the problems of his or her subordinates.
  • Attending to the complaints and problems of customers and guests.
  • Maintaining and developing business relations with travel agencies, food suppliers, etc.
  • People come from various walks of life to hotels and it is the responsibility of a hospitality manager to ensure that all their needs are being met.

Types of Managers

As mentioned before, a hospitality manager can have many subordinates which can help him or her in sharing the work load. Some of these, along with their responsibilities, are mentioned below:

  • Office manager: has to look after the department of reservations and reception. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the office manager to hire and promote the staff in this department.
  • Convention service managers: has to manage and operate special events like weddings, meetings of clients and conventions etc.
  • Information Technology manager: has the responsibility of management of all the electronic systems such as computers, internet etc. Apart from this, he also has to supervise the promotion of the hotel on the internet and maintain the website.
  • Food and beverage manger: has to ensure that the food and drinks department of the hotel is unrivaled.

No matter what you aim for, there is always a prospect for progress in hotel management business. You should constantly update yourself with new diplomas. In this way you can get promotions and even better jobs. However you should keep this thing in mind that everyone in the market is aiming for the big bucks. So, you should prove yourself worthy to your superiors, if you want a promotion.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Career In Hotel Industry

Booming career in hotel industry

Career in hospitality is booming at high peaks in every part of the world. That is the only reason for various opening in hotels and jobs in hospitality industry. One can get higher paying hospitality job that will change their career skills to a higher level. A student who has mastered the studies of hotel management can land up in hotels for jobs.

There are various courses provided by many universities in colleges for excelling the course of hotel management so that a student can earn heavily. One of the most important things that are mainly used in the hospitality job is perfect communication skills, which are considered at the top most level.

Hotel industry jobs require good communication and customer service skills to generate more and more business where you work. Customers are the ultimate source of generating business and it is possible if the clients are happy and satisfied with the services.

Catering jobs are also a division of hotel management jobs that are different from the normal hospitality job in which one can make more money. Catering jobs are done on the booking basis and one can start their own business of catering business with more ways of earning profits.

Restaurants job are high in demand as there are many of them opening up everywhere to get maximum profits and business. Those who are interested in making their career in hospitality, catering and restaurant industry can start up with diploma courses from good colleges and universities that provide campus placements in the industry.

There are many hotel jobs that one can opt in this industry that is providing employment for everyone. Hotel jobs have various verticals in which one can work like reception jobs, waiters, management and administrative department, accounts, operations, hospitality and front office and back office jobs. Cooks, chefs and waiters who prepare and serve the food are part of the restaurant services that a hotel provides and one can easily get job in that department.

Hotel industry is booming high and an entry level professional can start his career with this field that gives the best options for growth and moneymaking.



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Monday, 6 August 2012

Cheap Hotels Bookings

Cheap Hotels Bookings

Cheap Hotels Bookings is a nice way of starting a vacation. Getting Cheap Hotels Bookings is not always an easy thing to do especially if you are a fan of the "traditional" way of booking hotels.

Firstly, the best Cheap Hotels Bookings can be easily found over the Internet, by using hotel booking websites. This will reduce the time spent on booking hotels as these websites come with a wide variety of filters that allow you to sort through the many hotels in an area.

Also, by going for the Cheap Hotels Bookings option, you may find also nice discounts on hotels that you will definitely not regret. Whether you are looking for last minute accomodations, or even budget hotels, Cheap Hotels Bookings can be made online. Booking fast and paying the price you are willing to pay will steady your budget. When booking online, you are in control of your own budget and time and wishes.

If you come to think of it, why should you pay a fortune for a hotel room when you are out, admiring the best of your travel destination. In fact, you may get a room with a great view, all the facilities you choose to have and of course, the low prices for the same or even better quality.

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  • booking priceline
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  • travel hotels cheap
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  • expedia cheap hotels
  • best western booking

All in all, Cheap Hotels Bookings is one great way of increasing your travel buget an get high quality reservations online. Either you are looking for last minute hotel deals or luxury hotels for business meetings, you will find everything you need to start a succesful journey. Pick your location, anywhere in the world and you can easily find all the hotels in the area. Filter and sort through the results and get the best match for you.



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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hotel Reservations Online

Online Hotel Reservations – A Rising Trend in India

More and more people are on the look-out for the best hotel deals in order to take short breaks with family and loved ones to get away from the stress and strain of modern life. It goes without saying that such travellers would want to book hotel rooms online in order to save time and avoid the hassle of unnecessary trips to travel agencies or phone calls to the hotel.

In fact, the days of going to a travel agent or physically visiting a hotel are becoming rare. Indeed it is far more convenient and cost effective to compare room rates of different hotels online and then choose the best option available. All this can be comfortably done from the comfort of one's home. Travel research is increasingly being done on the Internet.

A majority of leisure and business travellers use search engines to begin their travel planning that includes identifying the best hotel deals and booking a hotel online. Estimates suggest that more than one third of global travel is likely to be booked online by the year 2013. Another emerging trend is that online hotel reservations are not just done from personal computers but also from mobile phones.
Every hotel wants business to grow and beat the competition. With travellers becoming increasingly familiar with the intricacies of booking a hotel online, it becomes vital that hotel websites are strengthened by sophisticated, easy-to-use hotel reservation systems.  Booking services providers are working to offer the most user friendly reservation tools to guarantee better services and convenience to the traveller.
Online hotel booking is beneficial not only for the customers but also for hotels, as it helps them to reduce operation and infrastructure cost considerably. Online hotel reservations are also helpful for making last minute travel arrangements as hotels sometimes bring down room tariff in the event that rooms are still available.
Online hotels reservation in India has taken off in a big way. All the major hotel chains in the country whether budget, boutique or luxury have the option of online booking. Naturally, this has become a necessity today with the average traveller having been empowered by the internet that offers speedy solutions to all booking needs related to travel, including hotel booking, flight reservations and other vacation rental needs.
For travellers looking for a hotel booking in Pune, Hotel Studio Estique is a comfortable and chic hotel, located in the heart of the city, adjacent to major business and shopping centres as well as the famed Koregaon Park area of Pune. All you need to do is visit the hotel website and go to the reservation section and follow a simple process of online hotel reservation. Studio Estique's website shows the best hotel deals on offer and provides a safe, easy to operate room reservation process.



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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Five Star Hotels In DUBAI

Take a tour of 5 star hotels in Dubai

Are you planning to come to the beautiful sky touching city of Dubai and stay at a 5 star Dubai hotel? You need to book your place well in advance to avoid hearing ‘We are booked' from the hotel managers. Dubai, known for its petroleum industry, currently stands as one of the most commercial cities of the world. The high skyscrapers and endless line of tall buildings make Dubai an easy attraction for people around the world. This is probably the best place to view and appreciate man-made architecture.

There are many Dubai hotels from very basic 3 stars to 7 stars. The 5 star properties are special because of the unparallel services and facilities that are very much regulated with good price. In case you are looking for brand names, you can find Royal Mirage, Hiltons, Kempinski Group, Shangri La Group, Crown Plaza and lot more in and around the city depending on the preferred area. The facilities from deluxe to spacious suites with breathtaking views are perfect for any vacation, business tours and big events.

Whatever reasons bring you to this high end upscale city, 5 hotels of Dubai make sure that the stay is comfortable and you have a pleasant stay in this city high buildings and dreams. Every hotel has many restaurants to satisfy the needs of different taste buds. You can find cuisines belonging to most parts of the globe.

Palm Jumeirah, Madinat Jumeirah, D-94 are some of the most sought after and expensive areas of Dubai which has all the major hotels. The prices are enormously high but the class, style, comfort and luxury that the 5 star Dubai hotels in this area offers remains unsurpassed in many other big cities on the global map. Dubai has the four tallest buildings in the world and Emirates Park Towers Hotel & Spa( the largest) will turn into a hotel run by Marriott. Rose Rayhaan and Al Burj too are posh luxurious hotels having a sprawling business. Needless to say, the rush in the major hotels remains intact irrespective of the season. People flock to Dubai for personal reasons like weddings and honeymoons and business meetings. Grand award ceremonies and events keep happening in the city attracting some of the most prominent names from every sphere. More than that, the Dubai Shopping Festival also attracts many tourists from across the globe.

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All the above things make the prior bookings highly essential in most 5 star Dubai hotels. There are many online websites that have well chalked out lists of hotels. Online booking is the simplest way to locate a hotel that has all the expected facilities, is within a good range and most importantly, has vacant rooms in your visit period. Before selecting a website for booking, ensure that you check the popularity of the portal. On getting confirmed bookings on a date, do not delay it for future decision. Often rooms are occupied overnight in many 5 star hotels in Dubai, so take the advantage of advance bookings. On your next stay in this magnificent city, take a relaxed break in the cool and comfortable environment of luxurious hotels in Dubai.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Unique Hotels in the World

The most Unique Hotels in the World

Go to the different places, and perceive the different custom and culture in different countries is really an enjoyable thing. However, the choice made on a hotel is also very important, a good hotel can make you comfortable all your journey, otherwise, you will disappoint at your journey. 

Hotel is also a cultural epitome of the place you visit; therefore, a hotel can play an important role in your journey. Despite those common hotels, there are some distinctive hotels in the world, and they attract many tourists world around. They are unique and beautiful; you may have interests on them. 

Therefore, let look at them.The first one is the Le Grand Voyeur hotel. It is the oldest hotel in Paris. This hotel was established in 1784, and all most all the polarities in France have been here. All the foods this hotel offered maintain the Franc's oldest characteristic. People who have been here called it the most beautiful hotel in Europe, because all the furnishings here are the authentic French antiques. 

So, all these decorations and cultural environment make it a unique and beautiful hotel in the world. The smallest hotel in the world is Kuappi, which locates in Fenland. This hotel only has a small and single restaurant, and only two seats located in the restaurant. That is to say it can only serve two customers each time. Therefore, it is considered as the smallest hotel in the world. 

The biggest hotel in the world is Tum Nuk Thai hotel in Bangkok in Thailand. The area of this hotel is as big as four football fields. And the central reception hall can serve guests more than five thousands a time. In order to improve the service speed, all the waiters here wear roller skates to serve customers. This scene you may not be able to see in other hotels, so this makes this hotel a unique one. 

The highest and rotational hotel in the world may be the Allalin hotel in Switzerland. This hotel is established on the Alps, and the height of this hotel is 3500meters above the sea level. What's mote this hotel would rotate a lap every hour, so the customers can appreciate the beautiful scenery of Alps when take meal. 

The first underwater hotel is the Red Sea Stars hotel in Israel. This hotel was opened in 1993. Customers can watch the wonders in the underwater world while eating the fresh seafood.

The hotels mentioned above have their own characteristics; then would you like to have a try. Hope you may enjoy it.



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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Luxurious Hotels In INDIA

Luxury Hotels in India

India is one of the most favorite tourist places in the world. Millions of tourists visit here in order to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this land.

To serve this growing number of tourists India has enormous luxury hotels with great hospitality, comfort and luxury facilities. Several Hotels are known for their impeccable quality of service and most exclusive facilities. Staying in these hotels gives you the royal touch base and makes you feel like an emperor.

Hotels and resorts in India can be found in the scenic locales, be it a heritage hotel in Rajasthan or a castle high in the Himalayas or the beach house down south, or a beautiful cottage in Lakshadweep islands. Every luxury hotel has something or the other special in it which can make your visit unforgettable throughout your life.

One of them is Taj Group which is one of the most renowned hotel chains following in the cities like Mumbai, Udaipur, New Delhi, Jodhpur, and Agra. And Oberoi Hotels and Resorts have their branches at Jaipur, Agra, Ranthambore, Mumbai, Udaipur, New Delhi, and Shimla.

The top Luxury Hotels in India -

Imperial- New Delhi

Amar Vilas- Agra

Ram Bagh- Jaipur

Hotel The Oberoi- New Delhi

Hotel Marine Plaza- Mumbai

Aman Bagh- Alwar

Taj Mahal- Mumbai

Leela Palace- Bangalore

They are significantly recognized as the most deluxe hotels in India. These are the most widely chosen hotels by the visitors. These hotels and resorts offers you a range of choices in terms of luxury, comfort and all are equipped with all the modern facilities, coziness satisfying your personal tour experience.

Now finding and booking hotels is made much easier with the help of online hotel directories with the help of which you can browse hotels and their details and book your room easily. This saves time and serves you convenience with your busy schedule.



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