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Friday, 3 August 2012

Unique Hotels in the World

The most Unique Hotels in the World

Go to the different places, and perceive the different custom and culture in different countries is really an enjoyable thing. However, the choice made on a hotel is also very important, a good hotel can make you comfortable all your journey, otherwise, you will disappoint at your journey. 

Hotel is also a cultural epitome of the place you visit; therefore, a hotel can play an important role in your journey. Despite those common hotels, there are some distinctive hotels in the world, and they attract many tourists world around. They are unique and beautiful; you may have interests on them. 

Therefore, let look at them.The first one is the Le Grand Voyeur hotel. It is the oldest hotel in Paris. This hotel was established in 1784, and all most all the polarities in France have been here. All the foods this hotel offered maintain the Franc's oldest characteristic. People who have been here called it the most beautiful hotel in Europe, because all the furnishings here are the authentic French antiques. 

So, all these decorations and cultural environment make it a unique and beautiful hotel in the world. The smallest hotel in the world is Kuappi, which locates in Fenland. This hotel only has a small and single restaurant, and only two seats located in the restaurant. That is to say it can only serve two customers each time. Therefore, it is considered as the smallest hotel in the world. 

The biggest hotel in the world is Tum Nuk Thai hotel in Bangkok in Thailand. The area of this hotel is as big as four football fields. And the central reception hall can serve guests more than five thousands a time. In order to improve the service speed, all the waiters here wear roller skates to serve customers. This scene you may not be able to see in other hotels, so this makes this hotel a unique one. 

The highest and rotational hotel in the world may be the Allalin hotel in Switzerland. This hotel is established on the Alps, and the height of this hotel is 3500meters above the sea level. What's mote this hotel would rotate a lap every hour, so the customers can appreciate the beautiful scenery of Alps when take meal. 

The first underwater hotel is the Red Sea Stars hotel in Israel. This hotel was opened in 1993. Customers can watch the wonders in the underwater world while eating the fresh seafood.

The hotels mentioned above have their own characteristics; then would you like to have a try. Hope you may enjoy it.



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  1. There are some fantastic unique hotels all around the world and we've been featuring some of our favourites on our Facebook page of late. We're hoping to see some great unique (and so far, unknown) hotels entering The World's Best Hotel Award later this year.
    Sandy - TWBH