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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hotel Reservations Tips

Top 7 Tips When Making Hotel Reservations

So you are planning to reserve a hotel for your leisure or business trip? Well, here are useful tips on how to do it right and avoid frustrations or inconveniences during your travel. Some things may seem very trivial to during your bookings, but may break your holiday or business plans.

1. When booking, consider calling the hotel directly for personal attention. This allows you to ask questions about discount rates, services and much more. You can also know about the specifics of the hotel and also to get important brief on your destination.

2. Indicate the number of adults and children in each room. Usually, when third parties make reservations, they do not take into account the companions you have.

3. Ask for prices and taxes before you confirm your hotel bookings. Paying in advance guaranteed to get your rooms reserved. But enquiring about prices in different seasons may save you great deal of cash, and probably ensure more comfort. You also don't want a situation where you don't have enough money in your credit card- this may lead to cancellation of your reservation.

4. Confirm the date of arrival and departure. Make sure your hotel get your day of your arrival and departure right. You don't want a scenario where you get to your destination, only to realize you got no accommodation. This is especially so in high travel seasons, such as Christmas and New Year period.

5. Remember to request a confirmation number for each room reserved. This will make it very easy during your arrival.

6. When reserving more than one hotel rooms, name the specific people occupying each room.

7. Ask for information on the time of entry and departure. If you need to get to you hotel earlier for personal reasons, it helps to familiarize yourself with hotel policies. It might help to be allowed to request an extension of departure time, or may request a half-day rate if you need some extra time.



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